Hoxna is on a mission to deliver Synthetic Reality by creating a digital twin of earth that blurs the lines between the physical and digital, powered by a blockchain directly linked to the physical real estate market. With Hoxna, buying and selling property in the real world becomes cheaper and faster than ever before. Because the real world is mapped directly into any compatible virtual world through Hoxna’s middleware, what you own in real life is yours in the virtual world.

Synthetic Reality is a combination of artificial intelligence and various reality technologies, which enable users to interact with computer-simulated objects in real-time environments. They retain the ability to see the physical world around them while viewing and working with graphics transposed onto it. In other words, Synthetic Reality merges virtual and augmented reality into a seamless, interactive experience.

It will change the way in which we live and work by enabling us to seamlessly blend our real and computer-generated worlds. Through it, we can interact and communicate with computer-generated objects, people, and places in real-time. This opens up new possibilities in how we communicate and collaborate, enabling us to blend our physical and digital lives in ways that we choose and are in control of.

Synthetic Reality transcends the limitations of physical space, allowing us to interact with people from anywhere in the world as if they are actually next to us. The possibilities for education, health, culture, and business, in general, are immense.

Hoxna is in development and will be fully open-source on launch.

For further information and to get involved, visit hoxna.io.

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