Hypomo is a full-service property startup that is changing how real estate is found, purchased, and serviced in Europe. It is now the fastest growing mortgage broker in Europe, serving the central European countries of Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

For mortgages, Hypomo’s unique online system shows customers the best mortgages based their your personal profile, supported by personal service from Hypomo’s own network of expert agents. Mortgage applications can be made to a number of banks, at the same time, within a matter of minutes. This is much faster than traditional mortgage agents, which can take up to 2 weeks. Additionally, unlike traditional agents and brokers, Hypomo’s mortgage agents do not receive any commission, but are rewarded based on customer reviews.

Hypomo’s real estate listing services, for both buyers and sellers, also offer a great deal: pay a 1% listing fee when you buy or sell property in Poland or Slovakia. Again, Hypomo’s local agents for real estate are rewarded through the strength of customer reviews, not commission.

For further information and to become a customer, visit hypomo.com.

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